Okay Tall Brave, let’s ride

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Captain Grey Wolf was both surprised and delighted, “To do this, you’ll have to resign from the US Army.”

Baumgartner didn’t hesitate in his reply, “Our enlistments have already ended. I was informed of this by telegraph when we were in Grand Marais. Fort Snelling has been decommissioned, and although we’ll be paid for this assignment, our careers are over.”

“Those of us here are all single,” First-Sergeant Hanft added, “And have no reason to return south. I’m from Two Harbors, and the rest of us from Cook or St. Louis counties.”

Grey Wolf smiled and turned to Boomer, “You’re fired! I don’t need two first-sergeants.”

“Thank you Grey Wolf,” Boomer replied.

“Beggin’ your pardon, Captain, what does ‘Waanaki`’ mean?” Baumgartner asked.

“It means Live in Peace.” Continue reading

“…what does ‘Waanaki`’ mean?”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Schultze reluctantly complied with the order, and after being stripped of his weapons, was escorted on foot to the outpost and secured in the guard-house.

“What of us, Captain Silverthorn, sir?” Lt. Baumgartner asked.

“You may leave, Lieutenant,” Grey Wolf replied, “You acquitted yourselves honorably.”

“You know, Captain,” Boomer grinned, “I’ll just bet these fellas could use a fine brown ale.”

“What I know, First-Sergeant,” Silverthorn laughed, “YOU could use an ale. Very well, Lieutenant Baumgartner, you and your men are welcome to remain here a couple of hours, if you wish.”

They wished. Continue reading

“I will not!”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Seeing native and Negro troopers mixed with white troopers stunned Schultze—and when he realized the troopers were commanded by a damned injun; he was apoplectic, his face flushed bright red.

Never in his life had he imagined such a thing. He’d built his career fighting the Dakotah. It had been a good career, b’God—Injuns shouldn’t be anywhere but on reservations, or hanged.

Sure, there were Negro soldiers during the War Between the States—but they were commanded by white officers!

Finally he couldn’t control his rage, “CHARGE THE BASTARDS!”

Cooper and Boomer were taken completely by surprise. Continue reading

Taken completely by surprise

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Both knew the invitation would be rejected, and the arriving troopers from Fort Snelling would be more inclined to take-over the outpost.

Cooper and Boomer rode up to the commanding officer of the troop, “Good day Captain…”

“Schultze, Rolf Schultze, Colonel,” the officer replied, “By order of Major-General…”

“You are ordered to place me under arrest and take command of Outpost Waanaki`.” Continue reading

“Clearly, we would be amiss…”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Karma really didn’t want to answer the call from that ‘asinine pigeon’ as she thought of him, but since she could not help Cujo, she had little choice.

A very surprised Flutters found himself flying next to Karma.

The two of them swept down upon the humans and their non-sentient canines.

The humans and their non-sentient canines were never heard from again. Nor was there any evidence left behind.

Karma dropped their remains in the middle of Devil Track Lake and they soon became fish-food.

Heammawihio-Wakonda returned to await Cujo’s call.

Flutters returned to his friends with no memory of Karma’s assistance. Continue reading

Flutters & Karma

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Before the men could react they heard a howl from near the lake.


What neither non-sentient dogs nor their humans could detect—was what Daisy was saying. Her friends could, “To Buttons!!! To Buttons!!! FLUTTERS—GET HELP!!!

Pepper joined Daisy in her efforts, “AR-ROOOOOO!!! AR-ROOOOOOO!!! AR-ROOOOOOO!!!

This temporarily spooked the men and their dogs.

Regaining their senses, they began to head towards the sound.

Buttons detected this and quickly decided to distract the enemy from intercepting her friends, “ARF-ARF-ARF-ARF!!!

The humans and their dogs broke into a run—towards Buttons! Continue reading


WAANAKI` Banner Previously: As mile after mile after mile slowly passed, so too their daydream thoughts began to overcome their vigilance.

The K9 deputies moving much faster than their human friends had already passed into Cook County and were rapidly working their way along northeast shoreline when they stopped suddenly—all senses on alert and scanning for the danger ahead.

There was danger ahead—extreme danger. Continue reading

Mile after mile after mile

WAANAKI` BannerPreviously: “Well, I reckon we’ll look somewheres else t’set-up our post.”

“Good idea, Fenton,” Cooper agreed, “There is an available plot a half-mile up-lake from our outpost. Go see Ira Rohrbacher just up the street, he owns the plot.”

“We can’t pay much.”

“Ira’s a businessman, he’d probably offer to partner with you for a portion of your profits. You won’t know unless you ask him.”

“I’ll do that, Colonel. And thanks fer not shootin’ First Sergeant.”

A very relieved 1st-Sgt Boomer replied, “You’re welcome.” Continue reading

“You’re welcome.”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: EEK!Sandra exclaimed as our time-travelers solidified.

“Is it Sunday?”

“No Chris,” Hiram Silverthorn replied, “You faded-out and no more than a second or two later, you returned.”

“What does this mean?” Sarah asked.

“If I’m not mistaken,” Boomer offered, “Cujo is still engaged with that over large bobcat.”

“So—we could return soon to the 19th Century, or not return at all.”

“That would be my guess, Cooper,” Boomer sighed. Continue reading

Things were about to get ugly

Trading Post BannerPreviously: “I’ll just shut-up, now,” Flutters squeaked.

“Begging your pardon, Colonel,” Boomer smiled, “Do we really need Daisy’s assistance here?”

Daisy’s tail began to wag—she KNEW what “People-Dog” Boomer was about to ask…

The colonel smiled, “I believe K9 Trooper Daisy would be an asset to the marshals, her lack of opposable-digits, essential to our task here, requires her reassignment to them.”


Flutters looked at Daisy’s now-furiously wagging tail, “CRAP! Continue reading