Emergency situation

CAP BannerPreviously: Cob Pettigrew messaged back, “I’ll contact the Coast Guard. How do you expect to find him?”

“He reports he can’t see any shoreline—that gives us an idea where he might be within just a few hundred square miles. I have seven airplanes with 1000 mile plus range. We’ll begin searching within the hour.”

“I’ll send the boats out on the lake and send them in the direction of largest area of open water—perhaps the ‘copter can be loaded aboard one of our big boats, to get it in range. I’ll contact Captain Halloran.”

“Meet me at the airfield, Cob, I have a plane from which you can direct boats if we find Cap.”

“Roger that!”

“Daisy, Flutters, Chris!” Boomer exclaimed, “We have an EMERGENCY SITUATION!” Continue reading

A Magical Place

Previously: All conversation stopped when Chris & Buttons, Sandy, and Mandy got out of the Model A—everybody was excited to meet young Mandy!

Mandy was a little overwhelmed by all the people welcoming her to Danger Bay—and totally astonished when…

“You are little,” Sunshine arfed.

She had NEVER heard a dog speak! Buttons had not spoken in front of the puppy, or Mandy, as it is just not done by sentient critters before they know if another critter was, indeed sentient, “Careful, young-one, you are in the presence of two Canine Knights-of-the-Realm in the service of Wolvenking Ringo!”

Mandy was completely and utterly astonished, “Th-they can talk?” Continue reading

After the storm

Previously: It was some six hours later when Cap woke to the sound of his alarm—and quickly noticed he wasn’t where he should be. He was in the middle of—where? In the not too far distance, a storm was a’brewin’.

Not a small storm—but a gully-thumper of a storm.

It was then that his biodiesel fueled-electric-hybrid engine failed—not just a little—but completely.

He tried to radio for help—but all systems were down.

A total systems meltdown. Continue reading

Gone Fishin’

Why Not Me? BannerPreviously: Having covered the aircraft owned by the museum—it is time to set-up the mission our heroes will become involved in.

78-year-old Cap Sezevich set out from the Port of Danger Bay for a day of fishing on a pre-dawn morning—he was anticipating a quiet day of fishing… Continue reading

Fighter Squadrons

Why Not Me? BannerPreviously: Chris returned—taking a remarkably short time changing—and grinning ear-to-ear, “Perfect, Lar, just like that last outfit. You ever think about a career as a tailor?”

“That’s wat I did before fixin’ mechanical stuff,” Farkleberry laughed, “An’ afor that I was a master chef.”

“Why does this not surprise me?” Chris grinned, “Y’know, little Mandy is gonna need a lot of new clothes…”

“I’m already on it, Doctor Sandy already talked to me. I otter have ‘em done b’fore school starts,” Farkleberry replied, “Now—kin we take a look at them airplanes? I done a buncha work on ‘em, per Boomer’s instructions.”

“Yeah, let’s get to the airplanes—it’s why we’re here—right?” Boomer concluded this episode. Continue reading

Why not me?

Why Not Me? BannerPreviously: Lar? You are the overall crew-chief, that position requires you to hire and train crew chiefs for each airplane, they will be assigned the rank of ‘Staff Sergeant,’ and you will hold the rank of ‘Master Sergeant.’ Now, who am I leaving out?”

“Me,” Larry replied.

 “Ah—you get that nifty Mustang MKII, to fly, and alas, that requires the rank of ‘Captain,’ as you will also be the Mustang Squadron executive commander.”

“What about me ?” Continue reading


Why Not Me? BannerPreviously: “Originally, it was called the Confederate Air Force, and all members were called colonels after the pre-Civil War Southern Colonel plantation-owners. The airplanes were all painted gray with, I believe, red trim. This was because they weren’t allowed to put military markings on the aircraft. That changed some years ago—and the name was changed to the more all-inclusive Commemorative Air Force—but they retained the colonel rank for all members.”

“If you’ll excuse me,” Cujo said, “We’ll leave you humans to get organized—but hurry—there’ll be an emergency situation coming-soon and you MUST be ready!”

And with that—Cujo, Ringo, and Karma disappeared. Continue reading

Great Northern Beagamute

Why Not Me? BannerPreviously: “Where’s my Mustang?”

“Wal, don’t fret too much,” Lar Farkleberry said as he joined them, “That Mustang’s gittin’ a complete overhaul—the FAA won’t certify her to fly ‘less that’s done. ‘Sides, you got a P-38 ta play with—that-there one with th’ blue stripes on th’ tail.”

“I have no back seat in my Hellcat…”

“No worries, Larry, I got a Mustang Mark II comin’ fer ya,” Lar grinned, “It will be here in a week or two, I s’pect.”

“I still wonder why we were called away from 1874?”

“I can answer that,” a voice, seemingly from thin air was heard to say… Continue reading

A voice from thin air

Devil Track Trading BannerPreviously: Roughly an hour later the wounded were all patched-up, warned to get the hell outa the territory—because the next time—the marshals wouldn’t shoot to wound . . .

This warning was not lost on the wounded men as they, with remarkable alacrity skedaddled. They didn’t stop until they left—not only the area—but Minnesota altogether.

“Okay, folks,” Mac rumbled, “It’s time we hunted-down the escapees.”

“How do we notch our rifles to show wounded, instead of killed?” Chris asked.

“Scratch a ‘w’ into the stock?” Mac laughed.

With that they (big surprise coming—a cliché) they rode off into the sunset. Continue reading